Today there are millions apps and software on the Google Play Store and others. But a lot of the most exclusive, astonishing, unique or (feature packed) apps made are not still found by the majority Android consumers. If you require a little help finding such an experience, here is a list of the top five most excellent Android apps to assist you get on track!


Unique and best Android apps that do amazing things free 

Opening on the list is a weather app is free now a day. Weather app is a much admired, very highly rated app and it has all the useful features you could require. This wonderful app includes comprehensive predict, hourly weather as well as even a fun fact that pops up every time you unlock it. This does have in application bought, but that is actually now to find rid of publicity. The complete application and every one of its wonderful features are built-in in the free edition.

Unique and best Android apps that do amazing things freeThis app is the most everywhere cloud data storage space services is (Dropbox). Almost everybody has heard of this app. It is at no cost to sign up and you can catch 2GB of space to create with and the application is free. It is a grand method to backup devices like your pictures and videos. Additional advanced consumers are able to rest their (Titanium Backup or Helium backup) to go away there and you are able to even share files. This app is one of the most excellent free Android application and everybody be supposed to have it.

3-Google Drive
Unique and best Android apps that do amazing things freeSimilar to Dropbox app, Google Drive is an outstanding explanation for those who desire various cloud storage space. As well, resembling Dropbox, you are able to disburse to find extra storage space other than you do obtain 15GB free. You are able to store up your backup, pictures, videos and beautiful much some other file you can think of. Google Drive application as well has the added advantage of having a little variety of office way apps, similar to a word editor and a spreadsheet editor like Microsoft excel. You are able to as well work on documents through other people in the same time. This app has many exclusive features and it is value having.

4-Google Play Music
Unique and best Android apps that do amazing things freeAnother wonderful app Google Play Music does actually price money if you want on via its everyone contact streaming services. This app allows consumers to upload up to twenty thousand songs to the Google Play servers in order that you are able to play your own song to your mobile device everywhere.


Unique and best Android apps that do amazing things freeIf anybody wants some beautiful hd wallpapers or mobile ring tones and you do not desire to pay for them. Zedge application is anywhere you wish for to be. This app features millions of ringtones and wallpapers so as to you be able to waves from side to side and utilize. This app as well only just undergo a total redesign to a novel interface that build it easier to utilize and appear enhanced. Thus, if you have-not up till now, clutch up Zedge wonderful application and enjoy.
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