When you have a large number of contacts in your phone memory like me scrolling from side to side the vast and big list of community saved to your mobile phone device can from time to time be quite trying. Samsung Mobile Phone Company has the letters to the side for faster right of entry but favorites create things yet very easy and simple and we shall give details how easy it is to make them.
The majority smart phones permit you to rest favorites and star contacts list for trouble-free right to use. It more often than not permits for them to be at the peak of the catalog at what time in the Mobile Phone or Dialer application and yet well-liked third party (SMS) text apps similar to Textra from the Google Play Store. Please check, How to with no trouble put in friends and family numbers to your favorite contact list on the Samsung Galaxy S5 for simple way in.


You shall require starting by launching the (Phone) app on the Samsung Galaxy S5 which is expected right on the bottom left of the mobile phone and is a lime mobile Phone icon. One time you start on the (phone app) there is some special option on top. You shall desire to navigate to the far right plus hit the (Contacts) column up peak which must prove every one of your contacts list on the mobile phone device Gmail and every other contact list you have synced.

One time you are in contacts you shall just locate the contact you would want to place as a favorite contact and star. On one occasion chosen you shall be welcomed through a first popup so as to you be able to immediately star and include to your favorites. On the other hand tapping the real name and not the image will bring you in a straight line into that contact in complete rather than a popup.
You should desire to choose mobile Phone head into Contacts list and after that tap the picture of every exacting contact for the popup shown in the screenshot on the right. As of here just tap the (star) in the red circle and you are everyone done. It is critically so as to simple and you shall now have swift entrance to with no trouble (call or sms) that favorite contact.

On the other hand consumers are able to tap the name in the contacts list which brings up a complete contact information page. Now is where you are able to also completely edit a contact other than similar stars come into view on the top which does the same thing. One time you set up contacts just navigate back to the mobile phone app and tap (Favorites) before going to contacts or the dialer and you shall notice everybody you have starred for simple right to use. Galaxy S5 won’t give permission you physically sort your favorites in order to place the most vital people at the top by default. Consumers that do not want the huge (square tile) base appear be capable of strike the 3 dot (menu) button in the Favorites list and choose (List view) rather than grid view look which must create navigating your recently created favorites list a small easy.
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