The each and every one latest HTC One M8 is as a final point official and willingly obtainable in the USA from several carriers, by extra in store accessibility coming later this week. At this time that the mobile set is in the hands of users we are receiving plenty of inquiry concerning how to do assured tasks. If you have the latest HTC One (M8) and would like to change the apps on your lock screen  we shall give details how to do accurately that. The latest HTC One M8 mobile phone is accessible and consumers are enjoying what it offers, here is how to alter those lock screen shortcuts.

HTC One M8

INSTRUCTIONS How to Change Apps on the HTC One M8

 If you would like to change the camera app on your HTC one M8 lock screen with social media Facebook or Instagram then you be able to do right that. Similar goes for HTC one M8’s store SMS app  if you had somewhat utilize Hangouts, Chomp messages or Textural. Every one consumers require to do is release the mobile phones the same as normal and find the app dock on your mobile phone main display. At the same time as you flip from screen to screen the same 4 apps stay on the underneath of the screen. It is the app dock and these similar apps are shortcuts on your HTC mobile phones lock screen.

How to Change Apps on the HTC One M8

HTC One M8 Tips and tricks

Just long push the (app icon) until it identify you have captured it and move it out of the app dock. It be able to be detached by sliding to the peak of the your mobile phone screen or just dived anywhere you would like it. At this time now long push any more (app icon) you desire to have in your dock on main screen of your device  and scroll it down and put in the app dock. And You currently have whatever apps you would like forever on the foot of your main screen display. You be capable of insert folders also but the mobile phone will only unlock to in the folder rather than start on a specific app. This is that simple, you have now changed the lock screen app shortcuts quickly in HTC one M8.

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