Now at this time super most liked mobile phone Samsung Galaxy S5 is accessible with South Korea's main mobile carrier name  (SK Telecom). The trouble by that is the Samsung company  had not planned for the GalaxyS5 to be to be had before 11 April 2014 and the Samsung is not like it.

Galaxy S5

 Samsung said it is "very puzzled" by SK Telecom's move, AP reports. The official global launch date for the Galaxy S5 is still April 11, Samsung claims.
“We decided to release the product for a wider consumer choice of handsets before our operation suspension begins on April 5,” Irene Kim, a spokeswoman for SK Telecom, told Bloomberg in a statement.
An Other Korean mobiles carriers  LG (Plus Corp. and KT Corp.) as well arrangement to let go the mobile early on. That is a current forty five day forbid on obtaining novel consumers  compulsory on the carriers by Korea's govt. regulator due to against the law subsidies.
The Samsung Galaxy S5 was start on throughout the Mobiles globe assembly in Barcelona in Feb. 2014.

Samsung Galaxy S5 main features

Samsung Galaxy S5 main features

1-The 5.1-inch phone boasts a quad-core
2- 2.5GHz processor
3- 2GB of RAM

4- 16-megapixel camera
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