Great search engine Google is for all time hectic improving and introducing its amazing applications on Android phone industry. Now Today the store front for the many thousands of Android smart phone apps usual a pleasant modernize. It is updated with latest features, and a few much wanted security changes for facilities of their users.
First bring up to date in over 3 months of this session, and Now users are enjoying a brand fresh Google Play Store on their Android mobile phones and other devices. Latest version has plenty of enhancements:
1       many menu tweaks
2       set install many options
3       Brand new menu for setting a password
4       Improving security on your Android devices

 Previous it was very simple for children to overspend on Android device now Google’s seeing a court case over greatly similar to Apple did in the earlier period, and today’s bring up to date fixes one main flaw.
Google Play Store Updated Password Security with New Features

Google Play Store Updated New Features

The brand fresh Google Play Store app version 4.6.16 is undulating out to everyone users. it is a contumely even out so do not suppose to observe it correct away. It must punch mainly devices by the ending of the weekend. And the users at Android Police have it gamely obtainable to download for all one.

Google Play Store App Password Security

similar to Apple company, recently Google is in a few hot water over the need of safety on the (Google Play Store) It allows children to by chance pay out money not in favor of their parents own desires. Google only just had a proceedings filed not in favor of them for this precise fixation, .This bring up to date purpose to get better security and put off unintentional in app buyer. The brand latest password part has been modernized with 3 options to develop the security and put a stop to purchases.    

 Google Play Store App Password Security

Now One of the largest changes is how the amazing app store handled in app buyers. In the past every one could use up at will. And still if a security password was rest to accessible a thirty minutes window for usurers. And if a father puts in the password once for a solitary purchase app, children might carry on purchasing possessions for up to thirty minute with no the password. It is a expediency object for the majority customers, other than something so as to Google’s been criticized over.

Everyone will at this time have to option for non password. The thirty minutes window forever inquire for a password for buyers.
Thus what is latest? The chief menu at the present has an option for settings on the right front and center on screen, as an alternative of just in the main menu button under settings, as a result users can obviously top to the settings part to alter options and put in a password. And this was unseen earlier than, and at present it is front and center.
How to Install Google Play Store app

How to Install Google Play Store app

Now Google’s as well add a brand latest option for bunch amazing app installs. But you chief into apps and valve the “All” tab on the top then it shows all top apps the users has still downloaded. Both free and paid are available. If everyone ever obtain a novel machine, you be able to long push and allow bunch style. Now each app you did want to install and put in them to a novel all device set all at once.
This app shows so as to Google is approaching this brand latest version of the Play Store out to consumers the same as we talk. Mainly must dig up it inside the next only some days. whilst there is a few consumer interface tweaks and a few extra bold font, the main changes are the batch installs and security options mentioned on top of.

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