You will feel it an fascinating year so far for the smart phone Android world. Now a month keen on 2014, managerial policy for Android mobile have been rest and the basis laid for the rest of this year. Great search engine Google sold Motorola's smartphone division to Lenovo, plus the reported consumption of Android mobile devices are expected to reach one billion users for the 1st time.

The State of the Union Live on iPad, iPhone and Android mobile

 State of the Union Live on iPad, iPhone and Android

 State of the Union 2014 speak to takes place tonight at 9:00 PM at what time USA President Barack Obama will talk to the recent state of affairs in the USA in a speech that will likely stroke on health care improvement, NSA undercover work and a lot of other amazing button issues.

USA President Barak Obama will talk to Congress starting at 9:00 PM Eastern and many Television channels will air the speech in its total as well as the follow-up reply from the major party Republicans.

And If you cannot be watch this program, or maybe additional likely the other public in the room do not want to watch the State of the Union and  now trouble-free system to watch the 2014 State of the Union be alive from the smart phone, iPhone, iPad, Androidmobile or from a PC.
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