Your smart mobile iPhone will inform you your heart rate, very high and still yours glucose levels, a novel testimony suggests.
Now according to from 9 to 5Mac, Apple great company is functioning on novel appropriateness and health listening carefully iOS software of iOS 8 so as to will start on later this year for production. Latest reports tells the lengthy rumoured iWatch, which would possible put together by the suitability apps, is approaching a introduction too.
 Apple to Dip Into Fitness Tracking With iOS 8

Apple's focus on fitness for iOS 8 said to include Healthbook app, iWatch data collection

Even as iOS 7 model was wealthy in design up to dates ( iOS 8 iOS 8) codenamed Okemos following a ski alternative in Vermont will be a smaller amount paying attention on its the interface and It is predictable to work next to novel smart iPhone mobile hardware filled by clever  and surprising sensors so as to can track body's movement and health position.

Report: Apple to Dip Into Fitness Tracking With iOS 8 amazing app

This wonderful  report fine points and app codenamed Health book will not only check appropriateness stats and also remain track of man blood pressure, heart rate and even glucose levels. This fitness monitoring amazing apps will to be expected go head to head by wristband trackers similar to Nike+ Fuel band SE and the Fit bit Force, other than having entrance to very important health data would be comparatively latest to smart phones.

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